Treat Your Dog Right with Single-Ingredient Treats

Your pets are family. Why would you feed them anything less than the best appropriate food available?

You know what healthy food looks like for people: whole ingredients packed with nutrients that keep you strong and nourished, without any unnecessary additives. Feeding your dog shouldn't be any different.

The processed food you buy at the store is often full of preservatives and ultimately not that healthy. The fun store-bought treats you give your dog as a reward, for example, are pumped out in large batches at a factory and have long lists of ingredients, some of which are difficult to pronounce or know why they are needed.

Is that really the best option for your dog?

Dogs are domesticated wolves, and the treats you buy should reflect that. No more pages of ingredients, no more extra preservatives: choose single-ingredient all-natural dog treats and feed your dog the way nature intended.

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